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A brand I built.


24th Street - Bespoke Leather Atelier was, as the name suggests, a bespoke leather craft-house. I founded this company in my fourth year in Dubai. A cliche story - I was looking for a particular style of wallet but could not find it anywhere hence decided to make it myself. Friends started liking it and I made them some items. Word spread... and Boom! 24th Street was born.


The outfit started with crafting products for individual clients but soon made its way to bigger things. I soon started collaborating with big brand like Roger Dubois, Bentley, Glenfiddich, Lotus and more. I was also giving regular workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With the pandemic though, when business slowed down, I pivoted a little by offering DIY leathercraft kits which really took off.

24th Street made it onto the national news in Dubai! It was a great interview (of course I attached it here). I can go on but would rather talk about it in person so Give me a buzz!


A collaboration between 24th Street X AKQA

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